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The real estate market remained very active in Québec in November, as sales of residential properties increased by 9 per cent compared to November of last year. These figures come from the real estate brokers’ Centris® provincial database.

Condominiums dominated the market once again with a 20 per cent increase in sales. Sales of single-family homes and plexes also grew, by 7 per cent and 5 per cent respectively.

The Census Metropolitan Areas (CMAs) of Trois-Rivières (+24 per cent), Saguenay (+19 per cent), Montréal (+12 per cent) and Gatineau (+10 per cent) all registered an increase in transactions. Sales were unchanged in the Sherbrooke CMA, while the Québec City CMA posted a slight decrease of 1 per cent.

Centris Residential Statistics


The median price of single-family homes sold across Québec in November stood at $244,000, a 4 per cent increase compared to November of last year. The median price of condominiums remained unchanged at $232,000.

Here is the median price of single-family homes in the province’s six CMAs in November 2017, as well as their variation as compared to November of last year:

  • Montréal: $322,000 (+5 per cent)
  • Québec City: $247,000 (+2 per cent)
  • Gatineau: $239,444 (+8 per cent)
  • Sherbrooke: $205,000 (-1 per cent)
  • Saguenay: $166,000 (+4 per cent)
  • Trois-Rivières: $152,000 (+7 per cent)


04 January 2018
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